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It’s Oh So Quiet…

November 3, 2011 Comments off

Shhhh, shhh…it, shouldn’t have begun this way. Now you’ll be expecting back-flips and press rasslin’ by the end of the post. Hopefully a link will do instead because I’ve spent the last few months wearing my web-dev hat, getting my entrepreneurial sibling-in-law’s on-line shoppe oned ‘n’ zeroed into existence. If you live in the UK and need a party in a box then she’s your gal, so do check out…

Life’s A Celebration


Some sort of self-service should now be resumed. Righto, back-flips, then. I can totally do this…


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WriteRoom 3.0 Trouble-Shooting

August 8, 2011 Comments off

WriteRoom, from Hog Bay Software, is a beautifully uncluttered text editor for iOS that I bought over its free, ad-supported, sibling, PlainText, mainly due to it allowing custom background and text hues (a bright white screen being a bit hard on the ol’ eyes). I mention text editing here, of all places, because you never know when inspiration is going to hit so having a simple, elegant app in your pocket is very handy for the lyrically inclined.

As dinky as WriteRoom is, though, you’d be forgiven for thinking several of its features didn’t really work, just as I did, should a few quirky things catch you out. Benefit from my experience below:

See! It defo works!

When I first started using WriteRoom I was disappointed to find the spell-checker unable to proffer any alternative suggestions to errors. Fortunately this was easily resolved by tapping the locale globe button on the keyboard (on the left of the space bar) until it rolled around to “English (UK)” — whether the default isn’t always correct or it’s just easy to catch accidentally, this should be your first port of call if you’ve a bunch of international keyboards active.

There’ve been reports of WriteRoom’s DropBox support being utterly broken alongside feedback about how bullet-proof it is. They can’t both be accurate — right?! — so what gives?

This is the problem: WriteRoom is utterly oblivious to the special characters that DropBox disallows. This tripped me up because I had numbered my top-level documents and folders within WriteRoom to keep them in the order I wanted (Oh to be able to simply drag them into position, Hog Bay!) In such circumstances it is perfectly natural to use names like…

01: Stuff To Do
02: Notes
03: Posts

…but, of course, characters like the colon cause absolute havoc when you attempt to sync to DropBox. And I mean HAVOC! A folder with an illegal name simply won’t sync, causing WriteRoom to crash out; a document with an illegal name, though — whooee! — it will sync but appear not to(!) with the app crashing and the document being invisible on your account, viewable only via its link in the history log, and forget about it wending its way to your desktop. It is, in other words, a complete clusterfuck, which is a shame as once you excise any special characters from your folder and document names WriteRoom syncs very nicely indeed.

So I hope that helps if you’re a WriteRoom user who’s been having similar problems. And if you’re not then I hope it hasn’t put you off what remains a fab lil’ editor. Can’t get the damn thing to write cool-ass lyrics for me, mind…

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