Your host is a long-time guitar-strummer, music tracker and DAW-twiddler who really needs to set aside the time to record some tracks, dagnammit, and if setting up a website provides the impetus (because what is more tragic than an empty blog?) then that’s what he’ll do. He’s also about to stop writing in the third person in order to introduce the site categories:

My Music & My Production Work
Hopefully self-explanatory, these two cover any tracks I’ve either created myself or had a hand in as Producer. They’re the primary reason this site exists so it’s to be hoped that I get on with making more or I’m going to look very silly indeed.

Audio Matters
Opinion on stuff to do with music production. More typical ‘bloggy’ content, basically.

The Stylus Police
Essentially (and unashamedly) the equivalent of Adam & Joe’s “Vinyl Justice”, except applied inwardly upon my own CD collection. And less funny. I’ll be picking out favoured albums, tracks and artists and extolling their virtues, mainly because if more people did this then finding interesting music might be a little easier. And yes, I know I know, styluses have nothing to do with CDs, but YOU try coming up with a pithy name for such a section.

Ha. See? Not so easy, is it?

Mark Martillo
martillo at sledgenet.co.uk

Legal & Licensing
It’s fairly straightforward: The first party music showcased on this site remains the property of myself and the artist(s) with whom I collaborated; All martillo.me / markmartillo.wordpress.com articles are my property, presented here for the use of private individuals, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission; Album cover images for which I do not own the copyright appear under fair-use; Should you believe an embedded video from a third-party provider infringes copyright then please approach the provider in question as, while I’m more than happy to un-embed such content, it simply makes more sense!

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