The Stylus Police: Dust, Screaming Trees

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Dust, album coverWell I’ve let this section slide a bit so let’s rectify that right now!

Okay, them Screaming Trees, eh? That Dust! I’m going to kick off by telling you what sort of music this is and you’ve got to promise not to run off, okay? Alright then, here goes. Strap yourself in:

Catholic Rock.

No, wait! Come back! Let’s try that one more time. [Cough!] I’m going to kick off by telling you what sort of music this is. Strap yourself right back in again:


And that’s the thing about Dust. About as far from happy-clappy saucer-eyed Bible-waving as you can get, its introspective lyricism and delicately arranged melodies will seduce you long, long before you find yourself asking “Hang on, Gospel Plow?!” And by then you won’t care, because Dust isn’t trying to evangelise The Faith so much as communicate the thoughts, confidences and misgivings of Joe Normal. This is faith laid bare, open and honest.

In terms of genre I guess “anthemic grunge” just about covers it. As intimate as these songs are it’s not difficult to imagine them washing effortlessly over crowded fields on a summer’s afternoon, unifying with the knowledge that we all, on some level, share the same vulnerabilities. As a solo pursuit Dust is equally delightful however, each track being meticulously produced with — marvellously — not one single dud amongst them.

Don’t like God? Don’t like grunge? Don’t like music, even? Doesn’t matter, Dust is one of those albums that you simply gotta have. One of those rare works that enriches your life in the listening. Did I also mention that it fucking rocks? Done deal :D

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Long Distance Gin (Accoustic)

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Long Distance Gin (Accoustic) added to My Music!

I originally wrote this track with ye olde electric guitar in mind but thought it’d be fun to take a quick accoustic run at it. I’m not altogether unhappy with the results — particularly as, rather than mic-up the instrument, I took the signal solely from the jack (yikes!) — but it’s certainly made me appreciate the consistency in force and tone that session guitarists achieve. (My strings are so old that each has its own personal sound at this point!)

Anyway, enjoy!

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Recent collab with GC. Gearing up for some more stuff soon!

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Because tracks are like busses :)

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Run Away – Stripped!

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Yes I’ve been quiet for a while — have a new track by way of compensation :) Song written and performed by Associate Charleston (naturally!)

EDIT (10/8/12): New improved version, now with bridge!

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